Healthy Furkids

Healthy Furkids

Exam expectations

Going to the vet may be a little scary but there are steps we can take before and during the exam to make it Fear Less!

BEFORE the Exam:

  • Carriers for your pups and kitties should be left out for them to get acclimated to at home. Make it a fun and comfortable place for them. Put favorite toys and blankets in the carriers for them.
  • Calming sprays can be applied inside the carriers.
  • If your dog is particularly worried you can ask for a calming supplement or stronger meds for them.
  • Bring dogs in to say “Hi” and get yummy treats from us any time to get used to the clinic.
  • Don’t feed pets several hours before their exam and bring in their favorite treats so they really enjoy the visit.

DURING the Exam:

  • We spray the rooms with a special calming spray before all cat exams and some dog exams.
  • We try to go slow and calmly through the exam as much as possible.
  • We give them yummy treats throughout the exam-even some catnip for the cats.

A trip to the vet is not always the easiest even when your furkid feels great and these steps can make the visit as Fear Less as possible here at TLC.

Yearly exams “The difference”

We recommend a full physical exam once yearly even if your pet is not due for vaccines. It is important to check your pet over for new lumps, bumps, etc. We also check for changes in heart and lungs. We check lymph nodes, paws, and claws. We check their skin for parasites and any signs of infection. As your pet gets older we check for neurological disorders and even check their bums for any abnormalities.

Vaccines and your furkid’s health

We believe that vaccines are a vital part of keeping your pet healthy, however we also realize that not all pets need all vaccines. We work to tailor the vaccines to your pets lifestyle. It is our belief that vaccines are only a small part of your furkids health care and we don’t over vaccinate.

Surgery Specifics

We do perform routine surgeries such as spays, neuters and mass removals. *we no longer spay any female dogs over 60 lbs* Feel free to ask for an estimate for any surgery we do, we want to make sure you know how much to budget. It is important you know exactly what to expect before, during and after surgery. Never be afraid to ask questions!
We do not declaw cats, but can offer some great alternatives and training methods to avoid declawing your furcat!

Tests for the health of it

We recommend bringing in a poop sample with your furkids yearly exam
Starting at the age of 5 or 6, we recommend bloodwork once a year. This will increase the chances we catch any disease early enough to start treatments that will extend your furkids years with you.

The Golden Age

It’s a fact of having furkids they grow up faster than we would like and we want them to age as gracefully as possible and their quality of life is the most important part and we can help with that!

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