We are a single doctor practice and so new client availability is limited

*Policy may be updated/changed as necessary*

I am new to the area (over an hours radius)

If you have just moved to the area and are looking for a vet you have come to the right place! We are accepting new clients and new pets as long as your last vet is located an hour or more away.

I have been to another vet in the area

Unfortunately if you have another vet within an hour radius from us we are unable to accept you. This policy is to make sure pets without vets are able to get the care they need as we are one of the only clinics accepting.

I was a client years ago

If you were ever seen here at TLC we will gladly welcome you back!

I adopted a new pet

If you have adopted a new pet and are now looking for a vet, we will gladly accept you!

What to expect

During your first appointment we ask that you bring any and all records that your pet has. Please bring any medications that your pet takes.

Please keep in mind if your pet is sick at the time of the appointment, we will not be giving any vaccinations as it could make your pet more sick.