Sick Furkids

Sometimes it is hard enough to bring your furkids to the vet when they are healthy. It is even more difficult when they are sick. We recognize that it is scary and there are lots of unknowns bringing a sick pet to the vet. We strive to make the process as Fear Less as possible.

We use calming sprays and treats to help make the exam a little less scary. Let us know if your pet tends to be more fearful at the vet when you make the appointment.

What if it’s an emergency?

We examine urgent care cases and can triage pets, however, if your furkid has been seriously injured (fractures, hit-by-car) or can’t breathe it is better if they go directly to one of the 2 emergency clinics in the area.

  • Olympia Veterinary Specialists – ER 360-339-3596 option 4
  • Olympia Pet Emergency – 360-455-5155