“Fear Less” Exam

Going to the vet may be a little scary and we can never remove that fear completely, however there are steps we can take before and during the exam to make it as fear less as possible.

Before the exam:

  • Carriers for your pups and kitties should be left out for them all the time to get them acclimated to at home. Make it a fun and comfortable place for them. Put favorite toys and blankets in the carriers for them.
  • Calming sprays can be applied inside the carriers.
  • If your dog or cat is particularly worried you can ask for a calming supplement or stronger meds for them.
  • Bring dogs in to say Hi and get yummy treats for us at any time to get used to the clinic.
  • Don't feed pet several hours before their exam and bring in their favorite treats so they really enjoy The Visit.

During the exam:

  • We spray the rooms with a special calming spray before all cat exams and some dog exams.
  • We do our best to be quiet and we try to go slow and calmly through the exam as much as possible.
  • We give them yummy treats throughout the exam and even some catnip for those finicky felines.

A trip to the vet is not always the easiest even when your Fur kid feels great and these steps can make The Visit as"Fear Less" as possible here at TLC.