Everything You Need to Keep Your Pet Healthy

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Healthy Furkid Wellness Exams

We recommend a full physical exam once yearly even if your pet is not due for vaccines. It is important to check your pet over for new lumps and bumps. We monitor for changes in heart and lungs. We also check lymph nodes, paws and claws. We check their skin for parasites and any signs of infection. We look for neurological disorders and even check their bums for any abnormalities.

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Sick Furkid Exams

Having a sick pet can be difficult and stressful, please do not wait if your pet is sick, please try calling for an appointment as soon as possible.

We do our best to get your furkid in ASAP, however, we are dealing with overwhelming amounts of sick pets and we do our best to triage, so we may ask you

to send pictures or videos to better evaluate your pet.

Please understand some triage cases may have to be fit in between appointments and it may take an hour or so to be seen by our vet.

We do not do ER cases (Hit by cars, fracture repair, cat/dog extreme labored breathing, laceration repairs, "blocked" kitties). We can help you evaluate if your pet is in need of Emergency care or if it can wait to be seen and can

help you find an appropriate ER if needed.

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Surgery/Dental Cleanings

We offer a variety of basic surgeries and dental cleanings for our established clients.

We are currently in the process of revamping how we schedule surgeries,

and we will be adding a relief doctor for your dog spay needs.

If your pet needs a specialty surgeon for major orthopedic surgeries, we have a board-certified surgeon, who

can help us with your pets needs.

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Veterinary Diagnostics/Vaccines

Veterinary Diagnostics "Tests for the Health of them"

We recommend bringing in a poop sample with your Furkids yearly exam.

Starting at the age of 5 or 6 we recommend bloodwork once a year. This will increase the chances we catch health issues or diseases early enough to start treatments that will extend the

life of your furkids.


We believe that vaccines are a vital part of keeping your pet healthy, however we also realize that not all pets need all vaccines, so we work to tailor the vaccines to your pet's lifestyle.

It is our belief that vaccines are only a small part of your furkids health care and we don't want to over vaccinate.

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We understand that your pets may need care other than an exam by our vet. That's why we offer nail trims, anal gland expression, sanitary shaves, and other services performed by our veterinary assistants on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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Golden Age

We love our golden oldies here at TLC. It is a fact of having furkids that they grow up faster than you'd like and we want them to age as gracefully as possible. Their quality of life is the most important part of aging gracefully. With routine physical exams and blood work, we can find diseases early and come up with a management plan to help them with their quality of life.

And when the time comes to say goodbye we have a comfort room with a separate entrance. So, saying a final farewell will be as peaceful as possible for the entire family.